Wednesday, January 28, 2009


As you can see, it took me a year to make another post on my blog.  
It took some motivation and that motivation was Shabby Baby!  
I love their clothes, & couldn't resist a chance to win Reese their Spring line!!
I actually love all of their dresses, 
but if I had to choose just one, this is the dress for Reese!

We were excited to have a girl after Jared & Rowan.
It has been sweet watching the boys with her, and especially Ben. 
She's definitely got him wrapped around her finger!

This is pretty typical in our house.  
Reese gets a little too much loving!

Reese will be 2 in March.  She is at such a fun age.  We love to all laugh at the expressions she makes, and the funny comments she comes up with.  

                                                                 "Ye-ah-shhh"       Yes
                                                                 "ohhhhh..."           Oh
                                                                 "scuuhhry"           Scary
                                                                 "sahbee"               Sorry
                                                                 "no Dora"            Kora (her cousin)
                                                                 "beebee"              Baby
                                                                 "pup-aaaye"         Puppy
                                                                 "shughshh"           Shoes

One of her favorite things to do to get people to laugh is roll her eyes.  
It's hilarious! She has been my every dream of what I thought a 
daughter would be.  
(So far... I haven't experienced parenting a teenage girl yet :)


McKenzie Larson said...

this is a cute posting Wendy! Reese is so cute and she should win the contest!!

lynette said...

I can't believe how big she is! She's absolutely beautiful...just like her mama!

Matt and Dionne said...

She's so cute! I LOVE the pigtails!!! Of all of these beautiful princesses in the contest, I think my niece should win:)

Heidi said...

I would be happy if Reese won, too! But, if Elle wins then we'd have bigger sizes and I promise I would hand them down to you. :)
We need to buy some of their cute dresses anyway. Or maybe we could get Mom to sew some!
Glad you started blogging!
Hurry up and make another post!